Friday, December 31, 2010

The Infiniteyield Challenge account is now at $26,522.00

It has been an incredible year for the Infiniteyield Forex Challenge.

I've had a number of you call me recently and ask how well the account has been doing because you've been doing well yourselves -- thanks for the calls and interest.  I figured I better post the year's results before the coming of the new year in a few hours.

In the 159 weeks since I started the $500 Challenge account with Oanda it has grown through a combination of OneNightStand trades, the weekly FirstStrike trades, and a relatively small position in silver.  

Currently it has doubled 5 1/2 times.  From here, I only have to double the account less than 3 times to achieve my goal of $150,000 or more.  

With 7 years to go.  

(Completion of the post is in progress....)

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Now--- 2090 % increase since December 2007

A hearty hello to the most determined traders I've ever known. 

I have no doubt that some of you thought I would never post again.

I've been busy trading, traveling to Chicago and other cities for consulting with hedge funds..., but mostly trading.  

Because of the tremendous move in silver over the last month – we have again hit new equity highs. The Challenge account shows a 2090 % increase since December 2007 when I started the blog and the account with just $500. This is equivalent to a 761% annual average return.

Pretty incredible, but I still expect some hard, negative equity swings in the future. When silver dropped to $14.66 last February the account dropped to around $4300 – and I began to believe that I might have to dump some if it dropped another dollar. It didn't.

The Challenge Account 1000 oz. silver position has been a lifesaver over the last year. It definitely helps that silver has climbed over $21.00/oz. Now it seems that all you hear on the financial news networks is that gold and silver are being recommended by this bank or that analyst – if I didn't know that silver had a much larger distance to go long term..., I would be inclined to exit some just because of contrary opinion reasons.

And there has been a definite change in the attitude of the voting public about the”change” that has come to Washington. Not many are happy about – no jobs – lower prices for their homes – tough to get credit.  

Don't expect too much REAL “change” in the near future.  

Things might “appear” better soon – if just because people get tired of being afraid and start doing things, starting up more business, and because the banks will finally figure out a way to liberate (lend out) the Trillions of dollars put into their coffers.

Banks hate to have capital that is only making ½ % a year - lending it back to the same guys who gave it to them (who thought that up?).

Eventually people will begin to forget the recent financial unpleasantness just like they forgot the “Savings & Loan Crisis” of the late '80's. Some of the younger (and not so young) readers will be saying, “What was that?”

It can't be soon enough for me.

The forex markets have been very choppy.

I don't need to hammer that point too hard for those of you trading FirstStrike and One Night Stand along with me. ONS has done a little better overall than FS but that is what happens ever so many years. Trading systems go into drawdowns and we have to wait patiently until things get exciting again.  

Maybe that will be soon.  

This last year was very good to me, trading-wise.  

I've had the move in silver, of course, but had great moves (some of them historic!) in wheat, corn, cotton, coffee and sugar.  These markets made me 4 times what silver and the currencies did.

I've made no secret of the fact that I believe forex trading is a great place to start trading and learn to trade properly with a small amount of capital. After you get competent, it is ridiculous to miss the huge moves that are possible in the other derivative arena, the futures markets.

This week we have a few decent FirstStrike trades working.

Week of Sept. 20, 2010---FirststrikePlus trade executions:
eur/usd: Long @ 1.3183, currently profitable
gbp/jpy: Short @ 132.06, currently w/small loss
gbp/usd: Short @1.5557, stopped at 1.5709
usd/chf: Short @1.0042, currently profitable
usd/jpy: Short @ 84.77, currently profitable

(Current XAG price: $21.16– 1000 unit position average: $12.59)
TOTAL Equity: $ 10,966.54

Congratulations to all of you who have stuck to their trading and weathered the drawdowns that inevitably show up when you trade a long-term plan.

I know that feeling too.

Looking forward to more updates.

Joel Rensink 

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