Monday, January 7, 2008

Week 5 - Mon- Current Equity: $546.40

There were no OneNightStand trades exiting this morning.

The weather is getting nice here in Minnesota for a few days. Always like to have chance to step out for a walk after trading all day, and not have to wear tons of clothing.

Within a couple of hours after the beginning of the week we had FirstStrike entries on all of our pairs. By mid-morning three of the trades were stopped out. For a while it looked like the currencies were going to have a strong day right out of the gate,  but it hasn't worked out that way.

FirstStrike trades today:
Gbp/Usd- Sold@ 1.9657, stopped for 60 pip loss
Gbp/Jpy- Bought@ 215.29, stopped for 60 pip loss
Usd/Jpy- Bought@ 109.49, stopped for 60 pip loss
Eud/Usd- Sold@ 1.4681, stop 1.4741. Currently short
Usd/Chf- Bought@ 1.1147, stop 1.1087. Currently long

Current equity stands at $546.40.

The important thing is-- we've entered and now we let the market do it's work.

Have a good evening!

Joel Rensink

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