Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Holiday Trading Considerations! - IFCN Week 15 - Wed-

I'm glad I got the following email about the coming holiday weekend! It helped remind me to mention that there will be no trading on Friday, which definitely affects the way we exit and enter our systems this week.

Dear Joel,
Could you please make a note in your blog on how you plan to handle orders for ONS and FS for the upcoming weekend?

.... Thanks for blogging, and have a very Happy Easter,

Thanks, T-----

--Easter Holiday Markets--

Due to market closings and thin trading conditions, all FirstStrike positions which are still open will be closed @ 15:00 CST on Thursday, March 20th.

OneNightStand orders this week will not be entered because there is no trading on Friday. There will be no email sent about ONS trades for this weekend. (With the current position of the markets, there is virtually no likelihood of OneNightStand trades being elected, anyway.)

FirstStrike trades will be sent out for Monday entries as usual.

Have a good holiday.

I will welcome the holiday as it has been a gruelling, though profitable trading week.

See you tomorrow.

Joel Rensink

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