Thursday, September 25, 2008

Ben Bernanke and the Devil! IFCN Wk 42 – Thu- Equity: $1,422.30

My considered, previous advice made to Wall
Street; and now to Washington:

If you wear clothes made of flash paper, don't

Everyone who has a news show, blog, pulpit..., is
going on and on about the government
buyout/sellout of idiots who mishandled Trillions
placed in their care. Everyone seems to be
outraged. They all want to know how and why this
mess happened.

I have little interest in talking much about it
because everyone else is overdoing it. I will
add a few simple notations and then some great
links that say what I would if I was into
unnecessary duplication.

Both the "How" and "Why" of this mess are very

The "How"- Wall Street is all about fee income
and is geared towards rewarding those who get
more fees with the biggest bonuses.

The "Why"- Wall Street trading entities made
every deal they could with any "devil" they
could, because they wanted more fees than their
competition, so they would get the biggest
bonuses; and figured all the devil's deals would
balance out, and if they didn't, then somebody
would bail them out. Perhaps a bigger Devil?

They were right. Someone showed up interested in
saving them.

Who then, is really the Devil? He may not be Ben,
but I think Ben knows him.

Smart links I liked explaining the current

Link one........................
Link two........................

The Fed Chairman shouldn't be called "Helicopter
Ben" any longer. A different plane needs to be
linked with his name, perhaps something like the
one shown here....

World's Largest Airplane. (video)

Have a calm day.

Do you realize that this mess makes future
profits virtually guaranteed for volatility
breakout traders like us? When the public
finally understands that current inflation upticks
are not just an indication of a cold, but CANCER;
then watch these markets trend. It will take
some time for the realization, but when it
happens, it will be awe inspiring.

Silver will eventually lead the pack. Get some!

I'm still long FirstStrike Gbp/Jpy from @ 195.75
with a protective stop at 194.85.

Current trade equity is: $1,182.30.
Silver position equity: $241.00. (Current silver
price: $13.16)
TOTAL Equity: $1,423.30.

Joel Rensink

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