Thursday, November 6, 2008

Currency Rally Fizzles! IFCN Wk 48 – Thu- Equity: $1,585.43

After the brief rally in the currencies, they turned around and now the FirstStrike positions put on early in the week-- 3 which didn't get stopped out --  are now in profit mode.

It seems the world is trying to figure out how their great gift will be of benefit to them.  It may take a week or two.

Silver is still holding its own fairly well, last checked it was $10.15.  

TOTAL Equity: $1,585.43.

Have a good morning.

Only a chance for one OneNightStand trade-- the Usd/Chf.  Not that I think it is a particularly strong trade, but it is a trade we will take if it hits its 10 day high on Friday.

Joel Rensink

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