Saturday, January 31, 2009

Big Week Again! XAG (Silver rally) Here's why----

I had to embed this next video.

I know the last video series got deleted. Too bad, because many needed to learn the lessons that were YouTubed for those who don't get the BBC.

This video was sent to me from one of my kind readers and friends, Jim from Oregon.

ATTENTION:What follows is my personal view. This notation is necessary or I'd have to have a million disclaimers attached to my site, a real pain.

Now you see why silver is a can't lose investment.

Have a great Super Bowl.  It might be hard if you actually watched the above video. Not so bad if you plan on doing something to profit from it.

Joel Rensink


Ken said...

Here's a link to another set of vids for that BBC programme. Unfortunately they have ads on them (so I have been told).

The Archiphage said...

I agree that what the Fed is up to is stupid and plain evil, like pretty much everything the parasite called the State has ever done. That said, I don't see massive price increases until the ongoing destruction of bank credit stops or slows enough that the monetary inflation exceeds the credit deflation. Sure, the Fed has printed up $2-odd Trillion, but the private debt that will never be repaid is many multiples of that figure. I don't think the Fed is printing enough for the currency inflation to offset the debt deflation, and I don't think that they will. Not because they aren't evil, but because they aren't stupid. Hyperinflation is suicide, and I think they'll have to be dragged into it kicking and screaming. I think protecting their sovereign credit rating is more important to them than avoiding another Great(er) Depression. I'm watching the long end of the Treasury yield curve for clues... if rates start massively rising and stay high, I will be more concerned about the inflationary scenario.
All that said, I don't think silver is a bad investment at all. I definitely own some and plan on owning more. Also, I don't worry about whether my macro view is right or wrong... I only worry that I execute my trades as the market prices dictate... each time, every time.
Oh, and I'm sure the BBC videos will be found again... once something is on the net, it's forever!