Monday, March 30, 2009

Vegas Workshop Rocked! -IFCN WK 69 - Mon- Mar. 30, 2009

Hi all--

The London Squeeze workshop in Las Vegas March 28th went off extremely well. The only hitch was they switched our conference room at the last minute. Perhaps it was a security thing.

The synergy of the participants couldn't have been better. I thoroughly enjoyed meeting and speaking with every one. We had bright attendees from around the world and the U.S. All had the desire to be the best professional traders possible and improve the skills necessary to consistently execute despite drawdowns and world changes.

In this difficult profession, there is a tremendous benefit in meeting and discussing trading nuances with your peers face-to-face. An additional benefit is the understanding it provides to your mental game to meet others who have successfully learned to cope with trading issues similarly or differently than yourself.

I was great for me to put a face to a number of the intelligent followers of this site and get valuable feedback about the needs of new but serious forex traders.

In the future we will likely hear some of the attendees' personal observations.

I'm returning to Minneapolis in a few days.

This morning's open allowed us to exit profitably the short Eur/Usd and long Usd/Chf FirstStrikePlus trades from last week.

So far: I've placed my orders for this week; already filled on the short Gbp/Jpy FSP trade, filled and stopped out on the short Usd/Jpy FSP trade.

When I return home I will do last week's recap and continue with the results of trading this week.

So far, it looks like a fickle start. That happens.

Best of wishes to you all.

Joel Rensink

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