Friday, December 31, 2010

The Infiniteyield Challenge account is now at $26,522.00

It has been an incredible year for the Infiniteyield Forex Challenge.

I've had a number of you call me recently and ask how well the account has been doing because you've been doing well yourselves -- thanks for the calls and interest.  I figured I better post the year's results before the coming of the new year in a few hours.

In the 159 weeks since I started the $500 Challenge account with Oanda it has grown through a combination of OneNightStand trades, the weekly FirstStrike trades, and a relatively small position in silver.  

Currently it has doubled 5 1/2 times.  From here, I only have to double the account less than 3 times to achieve my goal of $150,000 or more.  

With 7 years to go.  

(Completion of the post is in progress....)


njames83 said...

Simply Amazing!

Im awaiting your updated post and future posts

This is Nick, we spoke on the phone friday. Still forging ahead with the 6-12 month plan

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