Monday, December 31, 2012

2012 Be Gone! Challenge account at $34,733--

In all my 30+ years of trading, 2012 is the one I am most glad to have behind me.  I have yet to hear of one of my trading contemporaries who feels differently.  If you feel differently, I'd appreciate your email.

I've gotten a variety of emails from earlier followers of this blog who wondered when I would post a follow-up.  I thank you for your contacts.

There is a good reason why I haven't been busy updating this site.  I will explain.

(more to come---)


Robert Beckwith said...

I completely agree, so glad 2012 is behind us. Trading in 2013 hopefully a better experience

Anonymous said...

I am glad I wasnt the only one ;)

Can you say drawdown.....

Lex Kim said...

Thank you for your latest post.

Your continuous efforts to help others is highly admirable. Especially when all things considered, only a handful of traders will stick to the plan and benefit from it in the long run.

There is nothing more frustrating than to teach others in seeing things differently. People simply don't know how much they really don't know.

If 'that' day ever arrives for anyone, it will be a real eye opener to finally realize that the truth is stranger than fiction.

Whilst you believe in 'nurture' against 'nature', I on the other hand believe in 'nature' as people will always be the same and will always live to satisfy their immediate gratifications.

Amazing blog and looking forward to meeting you in near future.



Ollie B said...

are you still releasing the ONS and First Strike trades each week?

I haven't seen these in my inbox for a long time now. Would love to see these up and running again.

US Forex said...

Amazing Blog :)

takumi said...

I look forward to your next post explaining why! :)

Click Here said...

Can I just say, this blog is what got me through the day today.
Every time I read it, I just get more and more excited about whats next.
Very refreshing blog and very refreshing ideas.
Im glad that I came across this when I did.
I love what youve got to say and the way you say it.

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