Thursday, May 15, 2008

Choppy! IFCN Wk 23 -Thu- Equity: $735.30

It has been a choppy week for forex participants.  I got a number of calls today about how amazing it was that every trade the callers had taken this week seemed to be immediately going into losses.  

It can seem like that when markets get rangebound.  It usually means a bigger set of trades is in the offing.

Indeed, I've been happy that I've only taken a few trades this week.  I've seen very little opportunity this week so far.

OneNightStand orders for Friday are unlikely to be hit due to the large distance to breakout prices.

Current equity: $735.30.  With only the one FirstStrike trade active, it continues to be a slow week.  
Have a good Friday!  We'll recap after Friday's close.  

Joel Rensink

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