Thursday, July 10, 2008

This Week was Asleep! --IFCN Wk 31 -Thu- Equity: $709.55

Not a lot of change..  I still periodically think about the cow pictured yesterday.  That's how slow trading has been.

We're still long the Eur/Usd with profits. If we still have profits by the end of trading Friday, we'll be happy to take them. It was a pretty anemic week.

A couple OneNightStand orders have a realistic chance for getting filled, namely-- the Gbp/Jpy and the Usd/Jpy. We'll see what Friday has for us. It would be nice to have some positive “fireworks”.

Current equity is $709.55.

Have a good Friday. I'll recap later on Friday.

Joel Rensink

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1 comment:

The Archiphage said...

Looks like we're about to put in the highest weekly close ever on EUR/USD. We know anything can happen at any time in markets, but this action doesn't look like a top to me... looking at the weekly charts, tops seem to be more 'pointy' with a big burst higher and a massive failure which goes on to take out the low of the high bar. I won't be caught wrong for long, but I think we're going to see a new high in the pair before 'reality' reasserts itself.