Friday, October 31, 2008

The Chop Continues! -IFCN Wk 47 – Thu- $1,455.40

One day you're at completely new equity highs, and the next-- you're down more than 10% those highs. Welcome to the world of high volatility!

The Eur/Usd shot up strongly early today and then dropped like a rock. Same with silver. And the other forex pairs.

Doesn't mean that the moves are done, but it appears we will still have to wait a bit until they get stronger. Indecision is still the order of the day

Here are the current week's FirstStrikePlus trades:
  • Eur/Usd: Long @ 1.2903, stop 1.2489. Trade in progress.
  • Gbp/Jpy: Long @ 159.69, stop 143.62. Trade in progress.
  • Gbp/Usd: Long @ 1.6412, stop 1.5510. Trade in progress.
  • Usd/Chf: Short @ 1.1479, stop 1.1650. Trade in progress.
  • Usd/Jpy: Long @ 97.26, stop 92.64. Trade in progress.
FirstStrikePlus trades will be exited on Mondays at 00:00 CST if profitable. (First-Profitable-Open Exit) See complete rule-set for effective trade management.

Current trade equity is: $1,453.40
Silver position equity: $ 2.00
(Current XAG price: $9.41– 200 unit position average: $9.40)
TOTAL Equity: $1,455.40

Have a good morning. Only time will tell how profitable this week's trades will be.

Joel Rensink

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