Thursday, December 13, 2007

Last Equity check- $492.25

By the way, it is really cold up here in Minnesota this winter.  I'm glad to be inside toasty and warm while the markets are decidedly fickle.  

An old trading saying, "if the market could go up, it would."  Well, our long trades fit that bill and decided that they couldn't stay up after the "bullish?" news from the Fed yesterday.  More downside expected obviously.

We got stopped out of our long EUD/USD position for a 52 pip loss.

We are still long GBP/USD from 2.0379 with a small  10 - 20 pip profit.  If we are not stopped out before then, I will exit the trade at 3:00 PM CST tomorrow (Friday).

I will be waiting until tonight at Midnight when I will place some One Night Stand orders.  Those who get the newsletter will automatically get the ONS orders when you subscribe.

Joel Rensink

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Best wishes.

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