Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Live Trading started yesterday!!!!

Our first trades for the $500 "alpha" account were entered yesterday, Monday, December 10, 2007.
  • I went long both the EUR/USD @ 1.4695 and GBP/USD @ 2.0379-- and am still in.
  • I went short USD/CHF @ 1.1148 and got stopped out for 59 pip loss.
  • I went long GBP/JPY @ 227.71, and am still long.
  • I have a sell order in for selling USD/JPY @ 111.26, which has not been filled.
In each case I have placed protective stops and used precise money management to control size.

At one time yesterday, the $500.00 account was up to $503.26 and then the swinging began. At this moment, 10:55 AM CST, the account stands at $496.41. Volatility rules!!!

The method signalling my trades is called FirstStrike.

It is a durable method I've used for nearly 20 years futures trading the British Pound, Swiss Franc, the Mark (now Euro) and Japanese Yen-- and now forex for the last 3 years. If the trade is a winning trade, it can last 4 to five days. If it is a loser, you are usually out the day of entry and even can be out for a loss within a few minutes after entry.

It is so durable because it's based on never-ending principles that should continue for the rest of your lifetime--- and at least as long as free markets still exist.

December tends to be a rather turbulent time for trading forex, so our results this month could be very good or very bad. Either way, we will be trading every day that is not an official holiday.

Last check at my equity: $494.96. If I get stopped out on everything, we'll be down around $25 dollars. So at least our downside is capped.

Have a great day.

Joel Rensink

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