Friday, December 14, 2007

Last Equity Check- $524.43- Wow!

I've inserted the chart above of EUD/USD that shows one of the trades that changed the week for the Alpha account.  (..., it is the second one that started last night!)

I'm really amazed at the way this week turned out.

It still is around 0 degree,temperature-wise here in Minneapolis. It was even colder last night when I was up trading. But the trading today has been HOT!!!

I thoroughly expected that this week was going to turn out with losses pretty much across the board, with at least 4 out of 5 of the FirstStrike trades biting the dust with 50 - 60 pip losses by yesterday, with only the lone survivor, GBP/USD remaining marginally profitable.

I placed the OneNightStand orders early this morning right after midnight. I sent the ONS signal emails to those who've subscribed to the newsletter. Few of those signals had much likelihood of being executed, but hey-- you still stick in the orders.

I saw the GBP/USD floundering, and as I mentioned before in an earlier post, if the market can go after it gets a signal, it will.  If it doesn't, it is likely going the other way. That statement makes a lot more sense the more you trade..., but that is a benefit of experience. I'm glad there are some benefits to this perverse lifestyle besides money. If "understanding" the nature of the markets is one of them, I'm glad because there are many personal "costs" as well.

I digress.

I was watching the last position of the week looking like it was tired, and then I noticed something I had not expected.  I will tell you what it was in the weekly recap post, in a few hours--- the unexpected thing which changed the fortunes of the week.

Till later...,

Joel Rensink

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