Thursday, April 3, 2008

Attention: Readers, and Nancy Pelosi --CORRECTION--

Attention: Readers, and Nancy Pelosi

The post of April 2, 2008 about Pelosi and specific statements attributed to her about wanting to tax 401K's – and just about anything else..., were in error. Huge error.

I normally do not check websites like before I post a newsletter with information I get from a "trusted" source. That will change now.

I got an email about Nancy Pelosi and her views from a friend who has ALWAYS had his facts straight in our past dealings. He got blindsided and therefore, so did I.

While I wouldn't be at all surprised if the statements attributed to her parallell her actual feelings, the current facts are that it is a hoax info letter that has been making the rounds for a very long time. I will check my "facts" more clearly in the future.

I am very sorry, Nancy.

I will really check my facts before posting anything like that again!

Joel Rensink

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